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 Judge Best Actor 

Having a background in not just acting, but stunts as well, Mike Dopud is a very well-rounded and experienced actor whose knowledge is a huge addition to our judges panel. Coming from a background of football, his leap over to the film industry and all the learning curves that come with that give him a diverse path to pull from to help coach and teach the next generation of global talent that come through our festival. With a strong pull to give back to the industry, Mike has given his time for not just being a judge, but as a support to the festival in any which way he can. We are beyond honoured to have him in our festival and are excited to learn from him.

Most Recognized

Having won many awards for his work on VIRTUAL REVOLUTION, and his series regular on POWER airing on STARZ, he is a face that you see and recognize! Potentially it is from a more local production such as The 100 or Arrow. If you have a very keen eye, there may be a security guard in Deadpool 2 that causes the familiarity. With over 150+ credits, the list can go on and on! 

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