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 Head Judge & Master Of Ceremony  

With 20+ years of acting behind him, Dean Redman has a lot of knowledge and experience he has picked up along the way. Carrying a strong belief that the future of the industry, and the careers of everyone in it, rely on the up and coming talents from around the globe, Dean jumped in with both feet after hearing of  Max's dreams and goals with this festival. Having mentored new actors through the union in the past, this festival is another vehicle for Dean to give his time and knowledge back into the minds of his future co-stars and directors. As the Head Judge and Master of Ceremonies, not only does Dean set the tone and carry the energy of the awards night, he also selects, organizes and assists all the other judges throughout the process from pre-screening to the final winner. Needing to become an expert in all categories, we could not be more thankful for the time and energy Dean puts in to support our vision. 

Most Recognized

If Dean looks familiar to you, there is good reason for it! Having played 2 major characters in the blockbuster movie Warcraft (2016), and a supporting role in the movie War of the Planet of the Apes (2017), it may actually be a more local show you know him from such as Virgin River as Fire Chief Smith or Supergirl!

Passion Project

Coming soon... 

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