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The Inaugural.

The 2023 Inaugural Hollywood North International Film Festival was more than just a debut - it was a cinematic revelation that transcended borders and ignited imaginations. As we reflect on our remarkable first year, we invite you to join us on an exhilarating journey toward an even brighter future.


A collective experience

As the credits rolled, we sat together - 200 souls bound by a shared love for storytelling. The winning Best Short Film left us breathless, its narrative weaving joy, sorrow, and wonder. We laughed, gasped, and held our collective breaths - a communion of emotions.

An electric energy

Nominees Revealed: With bated breath, our Master of Ceremony unveiled the nominees. Their names echoed through the auditorium, reaching both the physical and virtual realms.

In-Person Triumphs: Winners stepped forward, their hearts racing. Applause erupted as they accepted accolades from our judges. 

Virtual Cheers: For those who couldn’t be with us physically, heartfelt thank-you videos bridged the gap. The magic of cinema transcended screens, uniting creators across time zones.

A dual experience

Virtual Screening: Our online platform welcomed an international audience - a digital theatre where stories unfolded, emotions swirled, and connections blossomed. From cozy living rooms to bustling cafes, film enthusiasts immersed themselves in our curated selection.

Red Carpet Extravaganza: In person, our red carpet beckoned stars and cinephiles alike. The flash of cameras, the hush of anticipation - it was a moment frozen in time. And beyond the glitz, our reception offered handmade delicacies, laughter, and camaraderie.

The numbers speak volume.

178 Films: From the cobblestone streets of Spain to the vibrant landscapes of Paraguay, the heart of Nigeria, the bustling markets of Turkey, and the neon-lit streets of Korea, our festival showcased the world’s creativity in 178 captivating films.

53 Countries: Our global canvas united filmmakers, dreamers, and visionaries from 53 diverse countries. Together, we wove a tapestry of storytelling that resonated across continents.

Best Short Film

Best Director

Best Student Film

Best Cinematography

Best Writing

Best Sound

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