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Our Mission.

"Honouring a diverse, emerging collective of artists from an international stage here in our thriving Hollywood North, whilst encouraging the growth of our global network within this vast community and making the industry feel accessible to all both inside the film world and out."

   Founder  |  Max Zahedi

Inaugural Winners

Best Short Film - The Bathtub - Spain - Sergi Marti Maltas 

Best Writing - Ill Fortune - Turkey - Emine Yildirim 

Best Student Film - Voyager - Spain - Pablo Pagán 

Best Director - Another One - Greece - Theo Papadoulakis 

Best Sound - ANCiEnT SkY - Canada - Jesse Zubot

Best Cinematography - Infidelitas - Switzerland - Alexandra Iwanoff


Award Ceremony

Join us on January 25th 2025 for the Award Ceremony held at the Vancouver McMillan Space Centre Star Theatre. 

Only As Great as Our Audience. 

Not a Film Maker? Not a problem. We are not here just for the film makers, but also the audiences that support them. Our Nominee Announcement Nights, hosted by our esteemed judges, are the perfect opportunity for film enthusiasts to come together with our industry, on a neutral field, to ask questions and understand the art form we all share a mutual passion for.


July 1st to Dec 31st 2024 - Submissions

Jan 11th to Feb 8th 2025 - Online Screening

Jan 18th to Jan 24th - Nominee Announcement+Q&A with Judges

Jan 25th - Award Ceremony

Latest submissions.

Advanced Screening

"Not An Ordinary Mechanic"

Nick Mecha is a person of many talents, who works as a mechanic at the workshop, but dreams to become a great dancer and perform on a big stage. But Nick's "luck" always gets him into different tricky situations. This is one of them.

HNIFF History in the making. 

You cannot take steps forward without that first initial leap, and no matter how far forward we go, it is important to acknowledge the history of how we came to be as well as the values that guide us as we grow.

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